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Albedo: Net.Sync

Albedo: Net.Sync

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Net.Sync is a timing distribution and assurance device. Therefore, it plays several roles: 1) as a synchronization clock it supports full PTP Grand-Master and Slave functionality. 2) As assurance node it monitors the synchro accuracy executing frequency and phase measurements. 3) As a tester it verifies the transmission path followed by the time stamped packets by means of (a) capacity test, (b) quality procedures, and (c) looping back frames to remote appliances. In other words, Critical Timing SLAs implemented in LTE architectures, power utilities, or factories can be now monitored in-service. When loss of accuracy occurs, or any event detected, alarms can be sent to the surveillance system to assure that ordinary clocks are delivering the timing services correctly, while reporting faults to those hosts that are tracking the accuracy of master clocks.


Albedo Net.Sync Datasheet


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