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ME1100 Digital RF Communications Training Kit + Teaching Slides

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Solution Overview

The ME1100 is a ready-to-teach package targeting 2nd or 3rd year undergraduates. This courseware focuses on digital communication fundamentals, digital modulation techniques, baseband and RF transceiver analysis, transceiver architecture, and end-to-end digital RF system verification. The training kit consists of low-frequency and high-frequency IQ modulation modules, each requiring two function generators to provide the digital baseband signals. An RF teaching lab can be easily set up with basic instruments and the provided accessories. Various digital modulation schemes can be simulated and analyzed using the recommended instruments and software.


This courseware consists of:

  • Lecture material in editable Microsoftft PowerPoint format
  • Digital RF Communications training kit: consists of a low-frequency module and a high-frequency module
  • Lab sheets in editable Microsoftft Word format
  • Keysight U1035A IQ Signal Generator software


ME1100-900 Basic Communications Courseware

The ME1100-900 serves as an add-on module to complement ME1100 in the study of basic analog and digital modulation. This is a lecturer resource consisting of teaching slides and lab sheets.


This courseware consists of:

  • Editable MicrosoftftPowerPointslides
  • Covers 6 hours of teaching
  • No hardware kit required
  • Lab sheets and model answers
  • Covers 15 hours of labs


This courseware is designed to impart knowledge in:

  • Basics of analog modulation
  • Analog modulation schemes
  • Baseband generation software tool usage
  • Measurement instruments usage



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Price as configured: $1,890.00

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