Now in stock matrice 200 series


The focus of Terahertz is to develop, design and manufacture products in the optics realm that provide the best performance-to price ratio for our customers. The evolution of the company's product line has been one of understanding the market and acting to fulfill the requirements of rapidly advancing technologies. Quite often our design and development is a direct result of customers' special requirements.

Terahertz has developed a large number of sophisticated instruments for a diverse group of customers in many different industries, ranging from the automotive, fiber optics, communications, photonics, power generation and medical equipment industries and for research laboratories, government entities and educational organizations worldwide. Our products can also be seen sold under the name of many other prominent manufactures in these industries.

Gap Wireless carries Terahertz's O/E Converters with FC and ST Biber Interfaces. You can check out both products below.

O/E Converter with FC Fiber Interface

O/E Converter with ST Fiber Interface