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Products: AC / DC Power Systems

Test and Measurement

Rectifiers and Power Supplies


Using a DC power plant to energize telecom equipment is a safer, secure and more efficient means of running a network.  These rectifiers are used in small and medium load applications and are available in 12, 24 or 48 VDC configurations, with and without battery backup.

DC-DC Converters and inverters


Co-locating many access or backhaul technologies at a same site often requires various powering options.  Rather than adding rectifiers and battery strings to support them, using a DC to DC converter or an inverter is a cost effective solution to providing different power options to cabinets.

Power Distribution panels


These panels contain up to 40 breakers or fuses to protect your equipment from over loads or short circuits.  Panels are user configurable and field expandable.  Optional dry contact relays for alarms is also available so that you can remotely monitor the health of your DC power plant.



Often the most overlooked aspect of site builds, proper grounding can be a determining factor in making a radio site perform as specified.  We offer traditional grounding solutions as well as exothermic grounding solutions, as well as all the hardware required to ground all your equipment.

AC/DC Surge Suppression


Surge suppressors help protect your investment from power fluctuations coming from the various sources out of your control: the grid, the backhaul provider or lightning strikes finding their way to your equipment.  Suppressors are available for AC, DC and telco lines as stand alone units or with a modular approach which enables growth of the protection system.



In the majority of cases, batteries are still at the heart of any backup energy solution.  Our partnership with one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world along with 18 service points across Canada enable us to provide an economically competitive solution along with unmatched service in every corner of the country.

Solar Power Systems


Harness the power of the sun for off-grid power solutions of small to medium sized loads.  Thephoto voltaic systems can be ordered pre-packaged for specific applications such as backhaul,broadband wireless access points and repeater sites or can be custom sized to meet your specific needs.

Wind Power Generators


These wind powered systems generate 12, 24 or 48 VDC and up to 400 W making them perfect for small applications such as broadband wireless and remote monitoring sites.  These systems can also be combined with solar power generators to form hybrid systems.