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Test and Measurement

Macro site coverage and capacity enhancement products

The total cost of adding a cell site either for extending coverage or increasing capacity, interms of product, time, energy and ongoing maintenance is often prohibitive for certain markets. Our coverage and capacity enhancement products will ensure you maximize the potential of your existing infrastructure.

CDMA, GSM and W-CDMA Coverage

PCS GSM Multi-channel Cell Extender

The Cell Extender increases the link budget by 10 dB in both the uplink and downlink. Designed to be used with GSM microcells.

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Cellular and PCS Multi-carrier Cell Extender

The multi-carrier cell extender increases the total available power available in the downlink while improve uplink performance using tower mounted amplifiers. Applications for using cell extender are improving in-building penetration, smoothing soft handoffs, increasing coverage of fringe sites or increasing capacity of overloaded sites.

CCI 200W Cell Extender System - 850 - CDMA Cellular Edition V1 1.
CCI 200W Cell Extender System - 1900 - CDMA PCS Edition V1 1
CCI 200W Cell Extender System - 1900 - GSM PCS Edition V1 1

Cellular full band TMA with SMR rejection

Providing up to 16 dB of gain and sharp rejection of SMR frequencies. Tower mounted amplifiers improve the performance of the uplink path and are compatible with CDMA,GSM/EDGE and UMTS radio systems.

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PCS full band dual TMA

Two tower mounted amplifiers are located in a single housing thus reducing total wind load on the tower. Each TMA provides 12 dB of uplink gain with the option of increasing the gain to 24 dB.

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Power Distribution Unit for TMAs

The PDU provides power to up to six TMAs. The unit also acts as the central monitoring point for alarms and has the ability to tie back into the BTS alarms thru dry contact relays. Power to the TMAs is injected thru bias tees mounted at or near the BTS bulkhead connectors.

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GSM Cell Booster

The GSM cell booster provides downlink gain for GSM/GPRS/EDGE channels. Each module contains 2 independent amplifiers and an optional hybrid combiner, effectively producing “lossless? combining of channels. This solution is used to increase the number of channels without adding transmission lines or affecting the coverage footprint of the cell site.

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Narrow Guard Band Tunable Low Loss Combiner

The tunable low loss combiner gives you the ability to combine wideband with narrowband signals onto a same feeder line with minimal loss and minimal guard bands, therefore conserving costly spectrum. Combine GSM and UMTS channels onto a single line with as little as 500 kHz guard band.

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Receiver Multicoupler for Cositing UMTS with GSM

Co-siting multiple technology transceivers and antenna sharing requires routing receive paths to each one of the base station racks. This can be achieved with minimal loss on the combined uplinks using the receive multicoupler. This 1U rack mounted device provides two RF paths each with 8-way amplified splitting of receive signals, integrated bias tee for TMA powering and a test port on each receive path. Each output is isolated so there is no need for external terminations.

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iDEN and Harmony Coverage

iDEN Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

This MCPA provides 200W of downlink and up to 12 dB of gain for an unlimited number of iDEN channels. Increase the output power of Motorola’s Quad Base Radio (BR) to levels similar to legacy BRs.

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iDEN Microcell Outdoor Compact Base Station

This cabinet comes pre-wired and configured for three branch diversity and fully duplexed for support of two Quad Base Radios (BR). All that is needed are the QuadBRs, iMU and iSC.

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High Power Tower Top Amplifiers

These duplexed high power tower top amplifiers are capable of handling multiple transmit channels combined thru an autotune combiner (peak power handling of 3 kW). Units can be stacked to create a three-branch diversity unit which are co-mounted together.

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Auto-tune multi-channel combiner

The auto-tune unit provides combining of up to eight iDEN channels together with minimal insertion loss. Each cavity monitors the operating frequency of the channel and automatically retunes itself in the event of a channel change. This unit also supports REPC by “parking? the cavity when no power is present.

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Expandable 2-channel Hybrid Combiner

These hybrid combiners are designed to be rack mounted directly within the radio system racks. Multiple combinations are available including 2-way, 3-way, 4 way and 6-way combining.

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Triple Duplexer with VSWR and Power Monitoring Display

These duplexers are intended to be rack mounted directly within the radio system main rack. One shelf contains up to three duplexers. Each duplexer contains a dual directional coupler which monitors the forward and reflected power, which values are shown on an LCD display on the front panel.

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Receive Multi-Coupler (RMC)

The RMC splits three receive signals into either 4, 6 or 9 ports with minimal loss. The RMC can be rack mounted directly within the radio system rack and enables multiple radios to be collocated and combined onto a small number of transmission lines, without desensitizing the receive with passive power dividers.

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In-building coverage products

In some cases, the macro network is not sufficient for reaching into areas that requirecoverage. Whether it is a tunnel, an underground parking, a single office or an entire campus, Gap Wireless has scalable solutions to meet your needs.

Digital Repeaters

The new CSI Wireless Engine takes repeater performance to a new level by delivering unparalleled spectrum agility plus the industry's sharpest filtering. With DSP technology, it is no longer necessary to revisit installations to swap out BDAs or repeaters. Virtually any passband requirement can be met by reconfiguring the software either locally or remotely. The Wireless Engine is ideal for a wide range of applications, from Public Safety/SMR and Cellular to PCS. CSI is the industry leader for in-building coverage products and services.

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Bi-Directional Amplifiers / Repeaters (Cavity Filter)

As more people use their wireless phones as their primary means of communications, the need for wireless coverage in shielded structures, underground parking garages, as well as buildings on cell fringes becomes more important. People are no longer content to go outside or walk to a window area to find sufficient signal strength to support an important call. CSI's product line provides a means to receive and amplify the signal from a cellular tower for distribution throughout a building or structure. BDAs provide an extension of wireless coverage that allows users to rely on their mobile phones in facilities that would otherwise require wire line phone usage. An In-Line Booster (ILB) is used to boost signal when using long coax runs between the BDA and indoor antennas or radiating cable. An ILB is installed at the far end of the cable before the indoor antenna or splitter then the ILB gain is adjusted to compensate for the cable loss. A Remote Booster Unit (RBU) is a multi-band in-line amplifier housing two or more in-line amplifiers. They are most commonly used in SMR800/SMR900 and Cellular/PCS combinations.

View PDF - Model 130 - 30 Gain, Cellular, SMR dB 800 / 900, PCS Full
View PDF - Model 140 - 40 dB Gain, Cellular, SMR 800 / 900, SOHO
View PDF - Model 150 - 50 dB Gain, Cellular, SMR 800 and PCS, SOHO
View PDF - Model 565 - 65 dB Gain, Cellular, SMR800, Larger facilities
View PDF - Model 510xx - 65 dB, 75 dB, 80 dB or 85 dB Gain, All Bands, Larger facilities
View PDF - Remote Booster Units - Support multiple service providers on a common coax and antenna infrastructure

Bi-Directional Amplifiers / Repeaters (Saw Filter)

Band selective low power repeater
Deltanodes DLR600 repeater platform is a band selective low power repeater platform designed for smart and easy coverage enhancement in smaller areas.
DLR 600, Gain 40 - 70 dB

Band selective medium power repeater
Deltanodes DMR600 repeater platform with medium power band selective repeaters is designed for a small form factor, high performance and a long lifetime. It can be used for coverage enhancement in up to medium sized indoor environments.
DMR 600, Gain 50 - 80 dB

Active Distributed Antenna Systems

Passive DAS becomes challenging and expensive when deployed in larger venues
(> 100,000sq. ft). Active DAS provides for virtually 0 dB of insertion loss between the RF source and serving antennas. Furthermore, fewer antennas will be required since the power per antenna is much higher. Deployment costs are a fraction of passive networks since there is no need for large transmission cable, but rather fiber optic and CAT5 or RG-6 cables.

  • IBS Product Family - LGC Wireless Product Family Overview
  • InterReach Fusion - For enterprise installations that serve multiple carriers and ideal for high-demand public venues
  • InterReach Fusion SingleStar - For wireless carriers using a multi-band spectrum as well as multiple-carrier installations
  • InterReach Unison - Created specifically to meet the challenges of large installations (greater than 250,000 square feet)
  • InterReach Unison Accel - Easy-to-install solution for delivering wireless signals throughout small- to mid-sized structures (up to 250,000 square feet)
  • Metroreach Focus - Compact system eliminates the need for a Basestation and T1/E1 line

Donor Antennas

The donor antenna is used for feeding BDAs via over-the-air signals from nearby donor sites.

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In-building antennas

Various models and beamwidth antennas are available for in-building distributed antenna systems.

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In-building passive coaxial components

Splitters, combiners and couplers are all required when deploying passive distributed antenna systems.

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Duplexers and filters products

For solving interference problems or simply combining the transmit and receive ports of the base station onto a single line, we offer everything from air dielectric cavity filters to smaller and more cost effective micro strip and dielectric resonator duplexers and filters. Also offered are active filters capable of notching out interferers automatically.

850 MHz and 1900 MHz Duplexers

These duplexers provide rejection of the transmit band thru the receive band pass filter. Available as stand alone units or in pairs mounted side-by-side with 19" plate for standard rack mounting. Options include Rx path access for use with Rx-AIT module which acts as a receive multicoupler amplifying and splitting a single receive signal out to eight ports.

Dual 850 MHz Duplexer - Two 850 Dual Deplexers in a 1U Tray
Double Duplexer for UMTS Cositing - Two Duplexers in a Single 1U Tray

Cross Band Combiner

Two models are available: tuned cavity and microstrip design. The tuned cavity design provides higher isolation between each of the two frequency bands and is available in both indoor rack mounted or in an outdoor NEMA 4x enclosure. The microstrip design cross band diplexer is much smaller in size and more cost effective.

CCI Indoor-Outdoor Crossband Combiner
Meca Diplexer DD-1.500V

Custom Filter Products

Our engineers are skilled at providing custom designed filter products that meet your unique and demanding requirements. Whether you need a fully custom design or a variant of an existing product, we can offer the help you need. Our portfolio is extremely broad and includes a wide range of duplexer, combiner, muticoupler, preselector, isolators/circulators,  tower-top and other filter products.  We can modify existing products to meet your specific requriements or combine them into complex systems that can meet exceedingly demanding requirements.