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MECA: LP715-30-1.650W, 500 Watts, 0.800-2.500 GHz

MECA: LP715-30-1.650W, 500 Watts, 0.800-2.500 GHz

MECA Electronics Authorized Distributor
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Low PIM, 30 dB, 0.800-2.500, N-Female

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MECA™s Low PIM Directional Couplers are high power capable with extremely low insertion loss and are ideal for your systems applications where precise monitoring, external leveling, signal mixing or swept transmission and reflection measurements are desired. Coupled ports are DC isolated and will only pass RF.

1. -160 dBc Typical Less Than -153 dBc, with 2X20 watt tones in PCS Band
2. Excluding theoretical insertion loss due to coupling (see table).
3. All units have a peak power rating of 10 kW.
4. 50 ohm nominal impedance standard.
5. Operating temperature is from -55°C to +85°C.
6. Mounting holes 0.156 diameter thru in 2 places.


Additional Information

Manufacturer MECA Electronics
Color Default
Low PIM Category Couplers
Low PIM Connector 1 N-Female
Frequency 0.800 - 2.500 GHz

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