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Delivering Unsurpassed Value

Junkosha specializes in high-end RF cables offering unmatched performance and high reliability. Relatively new to the North American market, but building quality products in Japan since 1954, Junkosha offers unsurpassed value in cable assemblies including: Phase stable Network Analyzer cables, high heat/high durability cables for rugged environments, Space Qualified cables, and highly flexible test cables using the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers. Junkosha continually works towards innovation and provides unmatched value for customers through unique products based on Junkosha’s high level of experience in polymer science and technology.


Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies

MWX0 Series MWX1 Series MWX2 Series

MWX0 Series

MWX1 Series

MWX2 Series

MWX3 Series MWX4 & MWX5 Series MWX6 Series

MWX3 Series

MWX4 & MWX5 Series

MWX6 Series


Up to 110GHz JUNFLON® MWX001

• Low insertion loss and excellent phase stability against bending up to 110GHz.
• High quality signal transmission with excellent flexibility and form-sustainability.
• 1.0mm(m) and 1.0mm(f) connectors are available.
• Standard type armored with SUS spiral tube for mechanical damage reduction.

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