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Lightning & Grounding

Since 1960, Harger has provided solutions to the lightning protection and grounding industries. They have experience in all facets of these markets including engineering, systems design, product manufacturing, and installation. They strive to offer the best grounding and lightning protection equipment in the world, by providing the most accurate engineering designs available and supplying the highest quality materials. Some of the world's tallest structures such as the Sears Tower, John Hancock, and Amoco Oil buildings in Chicago, are protected with Harger systems.

Whether the parts are cast, formed or stamped, if it's made by Harger, it's quality. The company’s dedication to the continuous improvement of their manufacturing process keeps them on the leading edge of technology. It is Harger's ultimate goal to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality products.


Grounding Lightning Protection Exothermic


Lightning Protection

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