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Enterprise Solutions

Gap Wireless brings multiple broadband wireless solutions to enterprise communications applications, making deploying and delivering low-cost broadband access faster and easier than ever before. We provide superior performance, versatility, ease-of-use and affordability that enable enterprise environments-including corporate, municipal, healthcare, education and more - to improve communication, productivity, security and return on investment (ROI).

Gap Wireless offers products in the 900 MHz, 2.4, 5.3 and 5.8 GHz license-exempt frequency bands and 2.5, 3.5, 6,11, 15, 18 and 23 GHz licensed frequency bands. Start-up costs are more affordable than virtually any other connectivity option, yet wireless technology delivers speed and performance second to none. In addition, our technology suite reduces monthly recurring cable or T1 costs because there is no need to go through phone or cable networks.

Gap Wireless designs wireless networks that offer enhanced security with over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption. Mostof our solutions also offer AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities, which provide 128-bit encryption, to ensure secure data delivery and exceptional reliability. That's significant, because many customers-such as financial institutions, healthcare networks and municipalities - virtually always specify AES

Enterprise Solutions - Broadband for Education, Healthcare and Business

The business benefits of broadband communications and Internet access are easy to see. Broadband can: unite corporate and institutional campuses and locations; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety; improve employee and customer relations; and a lot more.

The challenges of setting up an effective broadband system, however, have always been significant: cost, complexity and time. From purchasing spectrum licenses to designing, installing and maintaining complicated and cumbersome networks, the process has been expensive, time-consuming and daunting.