Bringing to market the high level of accuracy previously found only in high-end desktop LCR meters, the LCR Pro1 from LCR Research is an all-in-one portable device providing a simple and efficient solution for measuring SMD components and performing in-circuit debugging. The LCR Pro1 is the world’s first tweezer-style LCR meter with 0.1% accuracy and PC connectivity.


Along with the 0.1% resistance accuracy, the LCR Pro1 provides 0.2% resistance for capacitance and inductance, with 5-digit resolution. This compact, lightweight, battery-powered device is ideal for many applications including component verification and sorting, production lines, lab and service centers, in-field repair, and more.



Among its attributes, the LCR Pro1 offers:


- Ultra-precise, redesigned gold-plated tips to pick up and measure SMD components quickly and easily, even in a tight area;

- High-definition user interface with an easier-to-read and navigate menu on the 0.96” OLED display with 128*64 pixels.

- PC Communication enabling the LCR Pro1 to process measurements and charge its battery simultaneously when connected to a PC via the Link1 USB communication module. The device can be controlled remotely from a PC via LCR Data Logger software for parameter set-up, programming and data logging.


LCR Research Ltd. is a Canadian company founded in 2014 which specializes in designing and manufacturing novel test instruments. Gap Wireless distributes LCR Research products including the Elite1 LCR meter, the new LCR Pro1 and the optional LCR Link1. For more information about LCR Research solutions, click here.