inUAVi, an innovative start-up in the drone radio frequency monitor and sensor market, has introduced an RF measurement instrument for use from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) that collects and relays data in real time to the drone operator from an application integrated with the drone’s operating system. The advanced technology disrupts the industry norm, which currently relies on heavy, ground-based instrumentation strapped onto a drone, without the ability to deliver real-time data to the operator.


inUAVi is a start-up company based in Mississauga, Ontario that provides advanced electronic sensors and payloads for UAVs. Gap Wireless is now stocking and distributing inUAVi solutions.



 inUAVi’s lightweight, highly-integrated and portable applications run on common iOS platforms, automating previously complex measurements and delivering results literally to the palm of the operator’s hands. For enterprises doing antenna inspections and deployments, real time measurements can enable immediate adjustments to the network, provide more accurate measurements, and reduce the time required to inspect and adjust wireless equipment.


inUAVi’s equipment can be used for drone-enabled measurement of antenna alignment, wireless network quality measurements, and performing repeater pre-installation site surveys – all with much improved ability to inspect actual radio signals and not just the external radome typically checked by humans during antenna alignments.



inUAVi’s solutions will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress Americas trade show in San Francisco September 12-14 where inUAVi is part of the start-up contingent from the Province of Ontario


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