DroneShield is a global leader in drone detection technology, designed to be used by those for whom drones pose a risk to safety, security and privacy. Working on the premise that drone detection is the first line of defence, DroneShield's products also enable customers across both the public and private sectors to take proactive measures against airborne threats.



DroneShield's readily-available and cost-effective suite of products has been developed in response to the growing use of consumer drones used improperly, and the resulting need to deter them. Applications for DroneShield drone detection and countermeasure technology are numerous and include critical infrastructure, prisons, airports, government installations and commercial venues.


Based in Sydney, Australia and Virginia in the U.S., DroneSheild works with trusted distributors like Gap Wireless to deliver its detection systems that use highly-specialized technology to achieve levels of precision and sensitivity not previously attained through other methods.



DroneShield products distributed by Gap Wireless include:


- DroneShield® WideAlert Sensor: 180-degree wide angle drone detection sensor that’s small, inconspicuous, weather resistant and filters common environmental noise;


- DroneShield® FarAlert Sensor: far-reaching drone detection with the effective range of up to 1 km in a 30 degree cone, ideal for industrial installations for detection over longer distances.


- DroneShield® DroneGun: tactical drone jammer with an up to 2 km range, providing a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models.


- DroneShield® BaseProcessor: drone detection in a stand-alone, closed-loop environment ideal for situations where Internet connectivity is not possible or desired; uses audio detection to match acoustic signatures and can issue instant alerts.


- DroneShield® User Interface:   a browser-based monitoring application that lets the user view and control DroneShield’s detection activity;  visual and audio interface delivers live readings from DroneShield sensors, providing real-time visibility to surrounding acoustic activity.


- DroneShield® DroneSentry: combines DroneShield Long Range Sensing and RF and/or GPS jamming technologies to create an effective detection and countermeasure against drone threats, with an effective range of up to 1km across a 90 degree arc.


More information about DroneShield solutions from Gap Wireless is available here.