DJI’s newly introduced Matrice 200 (M200) series drones, designed for enterprise-grade aerial inspections and data collection, suit many applications – even in challenging environments. Here are some of the ways M200 series drones are working for enterprises.




Infrastructure Inspection

Bridges: The top-mounted gimbal allows pilots to fully inspect bridges both from above and below to identify areas needing improvement, enabling adequate maintenance planning and scheduling.


Towers: Inspection of telecom and utility towers can be conducted safely and accurately. Accessibility and camera quality enables rapid detection of even millimeter-sized damage.


Wind Turbines: With their stability in strong winds and with the top-mounted gimbal, these drones are the perfect solution for inspecting all parts of a wind turbine’s propellers.




Public Safety

When time is critical and weather conditions may be less than ideal, the M200 series provides a versatile and reliable platform with visual and/or thermal sensors to derive data for first responders.



Monitoring crops is accomplished efficiently compared to ground-level inspection. Pilots can simultaneously capture detailed visual/thermal data to scout crops and monitor nurseries and greenhouses.



Data to generate 3D maps can be obtained quickly, facilitating accurate tracking of progress on construction sites. Material stockpiles can also be closely monitored, reducing manual effort on the ground.



Operational efficiency can be increased by doing rapid surveying with ground control points (GCPs) that allow for <1cm accuracy data capture. Automated stockpile calculation and slope grading provides data on operational output and equipment fuel consumption costs in quarries.




More information on how the DJI Matrice 200 series can work for you is available here




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