Recent exponential growth in the drone market was reflected in the size and scope of the 2nd annual DJI AirWorks Conference held in Denver, Colorado in early November that attracted 600 business leaders, DJI customers and partners. The conference, which featured 53 workshops, focused on applied drone solutions to address the commercial UAV industry’s biggest challenges today. AirWorks included exhibitions, training, and industry insights from partners in the UAV hardware, software, and service sectors – including Gap Wireless and inUAVi. 


Marc Bouvrette, President of Gap Wireless and inUAVi, presented within the Infrastructure stream of the conference, and Kevin Toderel, Business Development Manager for UAV Solutions at Gap Wireless, exchanged insights with other industry experts as an attendee.



“DJI is a major force in the industry so it’s impressive that they are enabling industry and development partners to innovate using their existing platform by providing software app development kits,” said Toderel. “That’s consistent with DJI EDU which enables collaboration with universities for technology advancement, an initiative that Gap Wireless supports working with numerous universities.”


DJI unveiled two new solutions at the AirWorks Conference: the Aeroscope monitoring system for identifying and monitoring airborne drones; and FlightHub, a flight data management system. Also getting plenty of attention at the show were the recently launched DJI M200 Series drones that Gap Wireless demoed in October and showcased at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show.


“The atmosphere at DJI AirWorks was really buzzing given the rapidly expanding use of drones in commercial applications and technology advances made over the past year,” said Toderel. “Gap Wireless is keeping pace with innovation, carrying a broad suite of UAV products including integrated RF sensors from inUAVi. It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved in the drone market and the innovations will keep on coming in 2018.”


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