The widespread availability of drones has created many opportunities but also poses challenges for sites that were previously secure such as government buildings, industrial plants, prisons, and other critical locations. California-based Dedrone has the solution: a platform that provides automatic, integrated and self-contained drone detection and identification to defeat drone threats and their operators 24/7. Dedrone offers the only modular system on the market that can be adapted to customers’ specific threat situations and special conditions on-site.



Gap Wireless is now distributing DroneTracker (Dedrone’s software platform), which provides early warning of illegal, civilian-deployed UAVs, to protect against intrusions such as smuggling, spying and terrorist attacks. DroneTracker provides complete airspace monitoring and management through a convenient browser interface. The platform enables configuration of multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures, and alerts for automatic 24/7 operation. The software continuously displays real time airspace information and detects and identifies drones using Dedrone’s DroneDNA advanced analysis and pattern recognition capabilities. 



When hostile drones are detected, defensive measures can be invoked automatically and security services deployed if needed. Depending on requirements, various countermeasures such as jammers can be integrated into the DroneTracker and triggered automatically.


DroneTracker attaches to exterior walls of buildings, rooftops, or special masts using a combination of audio, video, Wi-Fi and RF sensors to identify unauthorized rogue drones in the vicinity. The easy configuration and integration with third-party alarm systems allows customers to identify and address threats quickly and efficiently.


For more information on Dedrone’s DroneTracker platform and how it can keep your airspace secure, click here.