As President of Gap Wireless I’m more excited about the start of 2017 than any prior year. Several things make this an inflection point for our company and for the mobile broadband and wireless markets as a whole.


First, I’m excited for our customers who now have available from Gap Wireless a greater range of products and services than ever before, in categories spanning Mobile Infrastructure, Test & Measurement, and UAV Solutions. We are a premier Canadian provider of these products, brought to you from world-leading manufacturers. Gap Wireless continues to partner with the best vendors to ensure a continually refreshed and expanded portfolio of products that our customers can rely on.


As 2017 begins, it’s also exciting to realize that we are now only three years away from the end of the decade, and Gap Wireless can help our customers to be 2020-ready. 5G mobile network deployments, targeted for 2020 and beyond, will better meet business and consumer requirements for increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency.


The next-gen network is also expected to better support machine-to-machine communications – the Internet of Things (IoT) – targeting lower cost, lower battery consumption and lower latency than 4G networks. To accommodate the new 5G standards, mobile systems and base stations will need new and faster applications processors, basebands and RF devices – and more. With selection and deployment of the right products at the right time, Gap Wireless customers will be positioned for success.


As a company, we are delighted to reach our 10th anniversary in 2017. The Gap Wireless headquarters now occupies 15,000 square feet of office and warehouse space in Mississauga, with other Canadian locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal, and U.S. presence in San Jose, Los Angeles, Rochester, Raleigh, Boca Raton, and Boston. Along with serving carriers and contractors throughout North America, Gap Wireless also provides value-added technical and engineering services.


We look forward to continuing to work in concert with our vendor partners bringing our customers the best products and solutions to meet their needs now and in future. All the best to everyone for 2017!


Marc Bouvrette