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The DJI M200 Series Drones Built for Enterprise Solutions

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:50:38 AM EDT

Gap Wireless is pleased to distribute the new Matrice 200 drone series from DJI: drones that are purpose-built for professionals to use in aerial inspections and data collection. This innovative technology enables enterprises to transform their operations using affordable and easy-to-use drones for aerial imaging.




With the M200 series, advanced sensors can be used in various combinations to reliably and safely tackle complex tasks such as bridge inspections, land surveying and search-and-rescue missions. The M200 series offers DJI’s first upward-facing gimbal mount, enabling inspection of the undersides of bridges, towers and other structures.


M200 drones feature a weather/water-resistant body – ideal for field operations – that folds for easy carrying and set-up. With a dual-battery set-up, M200 drones can fly for up to 35 minutes with a mounted camera. The drones are compatible with DJI’s powerful X4S and X5S cameras, as well as the high-powered Z30 zoom camera and the XT camera for thermal imaging. A forward-facing first-person view camera enables a pilot and a camera operator to monitor separate images on dual controllers.




Safety features include obstacle avoidance sensors facing forward, up and down, as well as DJI AirSense, a built-in ADS-B receiver for advisory traffic information from nearby unmanned aircraft. The M200 series includes standard and pro versions including:


Standard M200 equipped with one downward-facing gimbal mount; M210 that opens up for multiple payload configurations including one single downward-facing gimbal mount and two parallel downward-facing, or one upward-facing, gimbal mount(s); M210 RTK available with D-RTK modules for centimeter-precision navigation.


For flight management, in addition to the DJI GO 4 app, the M200 series supports the new DJI Pilot app that’s specifically designed for enterprise users, optimizing user experience and flight performance.


The DJI Matrice 200 series is truly breakthrough technology designed for professionals using drones for more precise, efficient and safe aerial data collection.

Click here to PRE-ORDER YOUR M200 TODAY!

To learn more about how your enterprise can transform inspection operations with the DJI M200 series, click here.  

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In digital standards, every generational change introduces new challenges and risks. In this seminar, Keysight will share industry expertise and discuss solutions for high-speed digital design and test to help you anticipate these challenges, reduce risks, and accelerate your designs. You will learn new design and test strategies for signal integrity/power integrity, USB/Type-C, 400G/PAM4, PCIe Gen4, DDR4/LPDDR4, as well as new data analytics tools.



There will be presentations focused on high-speed digital design and test and demonstrations by Keysight experts.



Design engineers, signal integrity engineers, quality engineers, validation engineers, test engineers, architects, project managers, program managers, application managers, and application engineers.





Register Now!




Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North

600 Highway 7 East

Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B2

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Marshes

320 Terry Fox Dr.

Ottawa, ON K2K 321

Friday, April 7, 2017

Novotel Montreal

2599 Blvd. Alfred Nobel

Ville St. Laurent, QC H4S 2G1

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

6083 McKay Ave.

Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7


PLUS! Attendees will have a chance to win a quadcopter drone!


For more information, click here.


Register Now! 

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The widespread availability of drones has created many opportunities but also poses challenges for sites that were previously secure such as government buildings, industrial plants, prisons, and other critical locations. California-based Dedrone has the solution: a platform that provides automatic, integrated and self-contained drone detection and identification to defeat drone threats and their operators 24/7. Dedrone offers the only modular system on the market that can be adapted to customers’ specific threat situations and special conditions on-site.



Gap Wireless is now distributing DroneTracker (Dedrone’s software platform), which provides early warning of illegal, civilian-deployed UAVs, to protect against intrusions such as smuggling, spying and terrorist attacks. DroneTracker provides complete airspace monitoring and management through a convenient browser interface. The platform enables configuration of multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures, and alerts for automatic 24/7 operation. The software continuously displays real time airspace information and detects and identifies drones using Dedrone’s DroneDNA advanced analysis and pattern recognition capabilities.



When hostile drones are detected, defensive measures can be invoked automatically and security services deployed if needed. Depending on requirements, various countermeasures such as jammers can be integrated into the DroneTracker and triggered automatically.


DroneTracker attaches to exterior walls of buildings, rooftops, or special masts using a combination of audio, video, Wi-Fi and RF sensors to identify unauthorized rogue drones in the vicinity. The easy configuration and integration with third-party alarm systems allows customers to identify and address threats quickly and efficiently.


For more information on Dedrone’s DroneTracker platform and how it can keep your airspace secure, click here.

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Gap Wireless Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Thursday, March 2, 2017 9:55:18 AM EST

A decade of stocking and distributing solutions for the mobile broadband and wireless markets was celebrated by Gap Wireless on February 27th, the official anniversary of the company’s founding.


“We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our loyal customers and thank our strategic vendor partners, without whom the ongoing growth and success of Gap Wireless would not be possible,” said Marc Bouvrette, President of Gap Wireless. “We also commend our employees who serve our customers with dedicated sales and operational support.”


Over the past decade, Gap Wireless has built a solid reputation as a leading provider of products and services spanning wireless infrastructure, Test & Measurement, and hardware & value-added services for the UAV (Drone) market. Customers throughout North America rely on Gap Wireless for not only products but also value-added technical/engineering services.

“We’ve grown over the years from a small enterprise to a multi-location business, and our headquarters location in Mississauga, Ontario is an expansive 15,000 square feet including an 11,000 square foot warehouse,” said Bouvrette. “Our Calgary, Alberta location slated to open this summer will meet the needs of western Canadian customers, and Gap Wireless will then have a presence in a total of 11 cities throughout North America.”


Valued customers include wireless service providers, users of Test & Measurement equipment, and network implementation contractors. Solutions provided by Gap Wireless support government and military installations, education facilities, and utilities & telecom equipment deployments.


“Gap Wireless is proud to have a decade of experience as a leading provider of mobility products and services, and we look forward to continuing to source and deliver innovative technology to our customers,” said Bouvrette.  

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For a limited time, customers purchasing a quantity of 2,000 America Ilsintech splice-on-connectors of any type will receive a KF4A All-In-One Fusion Splicer free – a USD $5,000 value!  The KF4A is an all-in-one fusion splicer designed for: stripping; cleaning; cleaving; splicing; and sleeving. This value is available only from Gap Wireless – and only until April 30th, 2017.




America Ilsintech, LLC is a U.S. corporation owned by leading Korean splicer/PON/FTTx manufacturer Ilsintech Co. Ltd. Serving the industry since 2008, America Ilsintech distributes a full line of products to the North American market.


Ilsintech has developed and introduced various products for processing optical fibers including strippers, cleavers, multi-pack, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, Fusion Splice-On Connector (FSOC) and many other related accessories.




America Ilsintech splice-on-connectors provide high-precision performance. The products are compact, lightweight and convenient to use, and are resistant to shock, dust and water.


The limited-time offer of a free KF4A when purchasing 2,000 splice-on-connectors is available exclusively from Gap Wireless. Click here for more information on the Ilsintech line-up of high-performance products.

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Bringing to market the high level of accuracy previously found only in high-end desktop LCR meters, the LCR Pro1 from LCR Research is an all-in-one portable device providing a simple and efficient solution for measuring SMD components and performing in-circuit debugging. The LCR Pro1 is the world’s first tweezer-style LCR meter with 0.1% accuracy and PC connectivity.


Along with the 0.1% resistance accuracy, the LCR Pro1 provides 0.2% resistance for capacitance and inductance, with 5-digit resolution. This compact, lightweight, battery-powered device is ideal for many applications including component verification and sorting, production lines, lab and service centers, in-field repair, and more.



Among its attributes, the LCR Pro1 offers:


- Ultra-precise, redesigned gold-plated tips to pick up and measure SMD components quickly and easily, even in a tight area;

- High-definition user interface with an easier-to-read and navigate menu on the 0.96” OLED display with 128*64 pixels.

- PC Communication enabling the LCR Pro1 to process measurements and charge its battery simultaneously when connected to a PC via the Link1 USB communication module. The device can be controlled remotely from a PC via LCR Data Logger software for parameter set-up, programming and data logging.


LCR Research Ltd. is a Canadian company founded in 2014 which specializes in designing and manufacturing novel test instruments. Gap Wireless distributes LCR Research products including the Elite1 LCR meter, the new LCR Pro1 and the optional LCR Link1. For more information about LCR Research solutions, click here. 

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A New Year: Exciting Possibilities with 2020 Vision

Monday, January 30, 2017 10:34:04 AM EST

As President of Gap Wireless I’m more excited about the start of 2017 than any prior year. Several things make this an inflection point for our company and for the mobile broadband and wireless markets as a whole.


First, I’m excited for our customers who now have available from Gap Wireless a greater range of products and services than ever before, in categories spanning Mobile Infrastructure, Test & Measurement, and UAV Solutions. We are a premier Canadian provider of these products, brought to you from world-leading manufacturers. Gap Wireless continues to partner with the best vendors to ensure a continually refreshed and expanded portfolio of products that our customers can rely on.


As 2017 begins, it’s also exciting to realize that we are now only three years away from the end of the decade, and Gap Wireless can help our customers to be 2020-ready. 5G mobile network deployments, targeted for 2020 and beyond, will better meet business and consumer requirements for increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency.


The next-gen network is also expected to better support machine-to-machine communications – the Internet of Things (IoT) – targeting lower cost, lower battery consumption and lower latency than 4G networks. To accommodate the new 5G standards, mobile systems and base stations will need new and faster applications processors, basebands and RF devices – and more. With selection and deployment of the right products at the right time, Gap Wireless customers will be positioned for success.


As a company, we are delighted to reach our 10th anniversary in 2017. The Gap Wireless headquarters now occupies 15,000 square feet of office and warehouse space in Mississauga, with other Canadian locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal, and U.S. presence in San Jose, Los Angeles, Rochester, Raleigh, Boca Raton, and Boston. Along with serving carriers and contractors throughout North America, Gap Wireless also provides value-added technical and engineering services.


We look forward to continuing to work in concert with our vendor partners bringing our customers the best products and solutions to meet their needs now and in future. All the best to everyone for 2017!


Marc Bouvrette 

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Keysight Test-Drive 2017 is coming to an area near you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 9:41:01 AM EST

Get your hands on the latest instruments. 

Here’s your chance to test-drive Keysight RF signal analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes and bench instruments at a location near you. Try them out, see how they look, feel, and function.




This unique seminar features:


- Practical, hands-on labs using the latest RF, digital and bench instrumentation


- Course completion certificate



PLUS! A chance to win a U1273A handheld multimeter!




Attendance is limited so that you’ll get practical experience using the latest RF, digital and bench instrumentation. Learn common and emerging applications for a broad range of test equipment. Morning refreshments and a lunch will be provided.




Engineers, technicians and project managers that use or are evaluating test equipment, such as signal analyzers, signal generators, network analyzers, high-performance oscilloscopes and general bench instrumentation.







Santa Clara, CA - Agilent Technologies - Building 5
Tuesday, February 07, 2017
9:00AM - 4:30PM


San Diego, CA - Radisson Rancho Bernardo

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Montreal, QC - Novotel Montreal Aeroport
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
9:00AM - 4:30PM


Mississauga, ON - Mississauga Convention Centre

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

9:00AM - 4:30PM


Seating is limited and seminars fill quickly.


Click here to register today!

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Gap Wireless Adds Junkosha Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies to Inventory

Gap Wireless is expanding its extensive cable products inventory with the addition of Junkosha’s Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies: highly reliable products for microwave/millimeterwave applications tailored to customer assembly needs.

Junkosha is a Japanese company that has a 62-year history of innovation in the polymer science field, developing a wide range of applications based on polymer molding, polymer compounding, and reforming technologies.




Junkosha’s JUNFLON® MWX products are flexible signal transmission lines that maximize the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers. They are suitable for use with a wide range of frequencies up to 67 GHz, and feature low insertion loss, low VSWR, low signal leaks, low interference due to high shielding effectiveness, and higher density wiring for use inside narrow devices.

Gap Wireless is now distributing the following products from Junkosha:

MWX0 series: Phase stable type for measurement

·         With high phase stability when subjected to bending and fluctuating temperatures in a microwave measurement environment

MWX1 series: Heat-resistant type for measurement & High-durability type for measurement

·         Supporting a wide operating temperature range (from -65 to +125 degrees C) of microwave measurement environment

MWX2 series: Flexible type for measurement

·         Using expanded PTFE as the dielectric material, providing high phase stability in environments with fluctuating temperatures

MWX3 series: For wiring of electronic devices

·         Using expanded PTFE as the dielectric material,                 providing high phase stability in environments with fluctuating temperatures (aircraft, ships, comms satellites, etc.)               

MWX4, 5 series: For fixed wiring

·         Suitable for fixed wiring within and between devices used in microwave bands up to 40 GHz

MWX6 series: Skew match type

·         Highly precise skew match cable assembly with less than 1psec skew between the two cables for measurement of digital transmission (continuous operating temperature range : -30 to +85 ).


For more information on Junkosha products stocked and distributed by Gap Wireless, click here.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Gap Wireless is bringing to market the latest Phantom and Inspire drones from DJI that deliver on image quality, capability and control for any application, and at accessible price points. Setting the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones apart from the competition are their high-quality cameras and intelligence by design.


The Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K/60fps video and Burst Mode stills at 14 fps. With innovative airframe design using titanium and magnesium alloy for strength and light weight, the Phantom 4 Pro is in the same weight category as the Phantom 4.


The Phantom 4 Pro’s Flight Autonomy system adds dual rear vision sensors and infrared sensing systems for a total of 5-directions of obstacle sensing and 4-directions of obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors and processors ensure footage is captured with more image detail and the image data needed for advanced post-production. Its Lightbridge HD video transmission system uses Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to transmit signals, allowing it to send controller signals and receive video transmission signals at the same frequency. Along with intelligent choice of transmission frequency with the lowest level of interference for optimum range of video transmission, the Phantom 4 Pro delivers brighter, more vivid images even in direct sunlight.



The Inspire 2 has even faster video transmission than the Inspire 1 and has two cameras with an all-new image processing system that records at 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes, and more. It allows for streaming video from an onboard FPV camera and the main camera – simultaneously. And the Inspire 2 goes from 0 to 80 kph in just 5 seconds and can hit a max speed of 94 kph, with a max decent speed of 9 m/s for unprecedented speed and agility for a UAV of its size.


The Inspire 2 can also sense and avoid, with forward and downward vision systems to enable detection of obstacles up to 30 metres ahead, allowing for protected flight at up to 34 mph. Upward facing infrared sensors scan obstacles 5 metres (16 ft) above, adding protection for flying in enclosed spaces. And increased intelligence provides multiple intelligent flight modes including Spotlight Pro, giving even single pilots the ability to create complex, dramatic shots.


The DJI drone line-up from Gap Wireless is available now. For further information, click here.   

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