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SemiProbe designs and manufactures the most innovative and modular probing, inspection and test solutions available today. Our customers include Universities, Government Research Labs, and a broad range of semiconductor companies developing both existing and innovative, emerging technologies including MEMS, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, photovoltaics and more. With hundreds of installed systems across five continents, we provide cost-effective test systems and accessories to meet a wide variety of applications from R&D through production.

As you contemplate your next investment, consider this.

In today’s rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape, the path to success is defined by your ability to adapt to changing requirements and reduce your time to market. Your market demands greater functionality within a single package, often requiring electrical, mechanical, and/or optical multimodal integration. Packaging needs to decrease in size increasing the complexity of both design and production. And as the technology permeates virtually every aspect of daily life, extended testing to insure reliable performance in harsh environments is a necessity. But you’re only as good as your test equipment’s ability to keep up with you.

Traditional probe systems are really not designed to address these critical issues. They are purpose-built, great for a particular technology and wafer size due to a cast configuration with very limited flexibility. In turn, you end up needing multiple sets of equipment at every step from R&D to production, resulting in a major commitment and expenditure. Many vendors claim modularity – simply upgrade with accessories. That’s great if they have what you need and it fits your configuration. Unfortunately, too often this doesn’t work out, resulting in a lot of lost valuable time and resources.

We believe we have a better solution to help meet the challenges you face. The Probe System for Life (PS4L) is designed based on SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture. Unlike traditional systems, all foundation modules – bases, stages, chucks, microscope mounts, microscope movements, optics, manipulators and more - are interchangeable, making the PS4L the consummate solution for many different applications and budgets. This unique modular design enables customers to acquire test capabilities that precisely match their requirements. More important, as the environment or test conditions change, the PS4L can easily be field-upgraded to meet these new demands. With this design philosophy, PS4L customers realize substantial time and cost savings over traditional probe systems because they do not need to invest in a new platform when wafer size, levels of automation, or test requirements change.

And with over 60 years of direct, hands-on experience, we deliver application specific and customized solutions to help you solve your most difficult test challenges quickly and cost effectively. Our commitment to you is to empower you with the latest technology you need to help lower the cost of test and improve your time to market.

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