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Provider of products for medium and small business IT solutions including data centers closets, uninterruptible power supplies, data center modules, power distribution, racks and accessories, and cooling.


Creative Design and Machining Inc.

Creative Design and Machining, Inc. was incorporated 1993. The focus of work from 1993 was as a supplier of machined parts, mechanical assemblies, designing and manufacturing of customized machinery for customers who required precision machining, welding and fabrication of exotic materials.


ClearComm Technologies

ClearComm Technologies designs and manufactures custom designed filter products for the Wireless, Commercial, and Military markets.


Communications Components Inc.

Base station enhancement products for capacity expansion or coverage enhancement will allow a base station to grow radio count without adding feeders and antennas, and with no loss of coverage. CCI creates turn-key solution from design assistance to site commissioning. Subsystem components including diplexers, triplexers, nPlexers, TMA’s, and Tunable ASC’s.


Communications Components Antennas Inc.

Bi-Sector Array antennas based on patented advanced beam-shaping technology. The Bi-Sector Array uses unique asymmetrical beam-shaping to implement higher-order sectorization, essentially splitting one sector with two high-performance asymmetrical beams from a single antenna.



Solutions includes RF-transparent rooftop screenwalls and enclosures, quick-deploy maintenance shelters, antenna barns, mobile containers for tactical deception, DAS and small cell wireless solutions, antenna integrated poles, and backlobe suppression units.


DEHN Canada

Manufacturer of reliable lightning protection of buildings, electrical and electronic systems and leader for surge protection, lightning protection/earthing as well as safety equipment.



Technical specialists in providing a diverse range of equipment and solutions within our key areas of competence including linear amplifiers, LNA technologies, Cellular DAS Systems.


Hammond Manufacturing

Hammond Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic enclosures, power management assemblies as well as racks and cabinets.

Kathrein Antennas

Kathrein Antennas is a worldwide provider of mobile communications, indoor capacity, satellite reception, broadband, broadcast and antenna solutions.


Matsing RF Lens Technologies

Innovative RF Lens based solutions for communication and antenna measurements. Patented meta-material and manufacturing processes offers improved modern solution for communication and antenna measurement needs. Also provides RF absorber material for applications from 1.0-40.0 GHz, Rigid Carbon Compounds.


MECA Electronics Inc.

Since 1961, MECA has served the microwave industry specific to passive components ranging from DC – 20 GHz including Attenuators, Terminations, Couplers, Power-Dividers, DC Blocks, etc.



We have a comprehensive selection of cable assemblies including Precision Test Cables, and general purpose assemblies in 100,195, 240, 400, and 600 series cable, bulk cable, connectors, and tools.



Precision high quality components including cavity filters, power dividers, couplers, Bias-T, lightning protection, terminations, attenuators, DC block, phase trimmer, cable assemblies, precision test cables, RF connectors.



Manufacturer of electrical conduits and fittings. Products include flexible aluminum conduits, steel set screw couplings, EMT elbows, rigid conduit nipples, steel cover plates, and custom PVC junction boxes


R&D Microwaves

RF components with broadband performance, high power, low insertion loss, and low PIM including directional couplers, power dividers, unequal splitters, combiners, matrices, antenna line monitors, and hybrids


Radio Frequency Systems

Designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure.



Samnova designs and engineers the highest quality components for wireless applications. There goal is not only to meet the demand of today's market, but also prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


Tarana Wireless

Through perfect cancellation of co-channel interference, proactive combination of all signal reflections, and continuous adaptation, Tarana’s non-line-of-sight wireless transport solution achieves unprecedented 100 bps/Hz efficiency and rock-solid reliability even in the face of extremely challenging and rapidly changing urban conditions.



Manufacturer of many different power products including commercial/industrial/medical power supplies, telecom/network power products, power systems, and high voltage power solutions


Westell Technologies Inc., is a leading provider of in-building wireless (IBW), intelligent site management(ISM), cell site optimization(CSO) and outside plant (OSP) solutions.